Academy of the Restless [on hold]

Life is too precious to let go, but it leaves us all too often. It takes courage to live, because you only live once. Or, you're supposed to, at least. Cariney is an exception to this thinking. She's died and come back, despite what everyone has ever thought. She's been given a mission that has changed her from a twenty three year old business woman to a sixteen year old newbie at the Academy of Rosailia Stark. But, she might not be the only exception.
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This really captured me and it made me want to know how Aston is in her life and is he the one wanting her dead. It gets me thinking and I like that.
The whole car scene was beautifully written with a lot of detail... voted! I'm excited for the next chapter :)
* correction: Hope you write more soon, I was disappointed when I didnt find any more too read XD
I really love this idea so please update soon! Also, great description of the crash:)
Great start! A really interesting plot you've got there. You're definitely a really talented writer! :D
OK, You are a skilled writer, two for two and you got me interested in both!!! Keep it up :)

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