Bullied By 3/5 Of One Direction (AU)

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Brittany By BrittanyTommo Updated 2 months ago
Kate Browne.
    Her life was completely normal apart from the constant bullying she endured everyday by no other than Harry, Zayn and Louis and the abuse she also got by her non-caring father. Harry, Zayn and Louis, best friends since they were younger, all hate Kate and she has no idea why.
    One day she meets who she believes are her saviours, Niall and Liam. A pop duo that take a liking to Kate straight away and try to help her through her life.
    Along the way she finds herself in love, but with who?
    So what happens when you have one girl, two singers, three bullies and a bunch of jealous ex's?
    Welcome to Kate's life.
This reminded me of the time I accidentally pushed my lil brother out of the window. My evil grandmother was more concerned about her screen -,-'
this is hurting so much, each time they hit her, it feels like I'm getting hit too
@Crystal__Hearts ikr, Louis' my idol, but I can't stop reading
Omg, my whole stomach and heart just clenched up, like literally, Louis? no not my Loubear
Don't cry. Stay strong. *single year slips out* ok. I'm done
She lies you punch her, she tells the truth you punch her, you tell her to talk and when she does, you STILL punch her, like wtf dude what do you want ((((((((((-_-))))))))))) this wasn't a hate message btw so don't get offended