Tell Me A Lie (One Direction Fanfic)

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The thing about white lies, is that they darken more than the real ones actually. They start out trying not to hurt someone, but that's all they do. Hurt. I tried to protect him; but I didn't' know how. So I lied. It was only because he was my bestfriend. Because I love him. This secret you ask? Well, my parents died. And I have gastric cancer. How I managed to hide that for so long? No clue. I was willing to do anything to cover it up. When I realized how wrong it was, it was too late. More lies, losses, and love.
What the trick she has not posted the story I like to call it some thing god
Oh ok. I was like all confused because, she hasn't updated it in forever! I wish she would! I loved that story
I absolutely love this book the best I have ever read on whattpad!! Xx
Hey i wish u can do a second store like same but with melodie and harry our boyfriend and girlfriend plz plz i really like this story and my friend too
Live this story it's so original. If anyone wants to read our new story it will be greatly appreciated. We will do a read for a read. Xx
Whens the next update? Sowwy if im bothering you its just this story is so amazing!!(=