Dark and subtly sweet tales that range in style from literary fiction, horror, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and romance. Visit the teasers page at the end for taste of the works within. * * * “He looked up. His eyes, disarmingly dark, pulled me into their depths. It was a tumultuous journey, tossed upon the rocks his emotions; rage, disgust, most prevalent, an aching, deep sorrow. He had nothing on me in that regard.” - Stories “Most of us have a swirling mess within our souls. A special few have a more calculated design. They see the world unlike all others.” - Her Eyes “I have a friend who is a storyteller. Which is, in my opinion, just a nice way of saying he's a liar.” - Things Unseen “Belita found herself mesmerized by the trickle of blood that traced its way from the corner of her friend’s pale lips to pool at her chin. The droplet fell, landing on the canvas of her shirt, joining the pattern of crimson.” - Broken
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So they accuse Emily of being a witch and kill her, because she didn't help? That's terrible, people jumping to conclusions!
Very deep. It had a hidden emotion that was perfectly slipped between words. An excellent piece of literature. Great!
Awesome but it sounds like it just gets going at the end? Or am I just confused? Is it about the guy in the picture?
nice story i like it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hai guyz im new here............................
@fauxpunker Don't you bah at me. You're not a sheep. A lemming maybe, but not a sheep ;)
@Prisim Oi, I articulated especially well in response to a comment on one of Maja's stories earlier. I was especially polysyllabic.

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