Sherlock Holmes and a Case of the Heart

WRITTEN AGES AGO AND ABANDONED, FINISHED BUT NOT PERFECT, READ IF YOU WANT BUT PLEASE STOP TELLING ME MY SPAG IS INCORRECT ITS GETTING BORING. A thrilling Sherlock fan-fiction, about love, loss and tears, both happy and sad. About normal London life for an ex-army doctor and a consulting detective. Will there love last? Will the mystery and intrigue get in there way? Read on to find out! Sherlock Holmes, Dc John Watson, boyxboy, yaoi, detectives, crime, adventure, Johnlock Copyrighted British Broadcasting Company, Sherlock.
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hahahnope! *flings phone across the room* nopenopenopenopenope *runs out of room flipping u off*
I mean I don't ship johnlock but I like to think of Sherlock as a girl when it comes to that kind of stuff but I'm completely obsessed with Sherlock Holmes!!!!
@secretmoustache I totally do, one of my books is everything I've gone through depressing and all :)
Don't think I'll continue reading although with a bit of editing could be good...
I love Sherlock Holmes!! I'm like the only person in my school who actually reads it :)
This is some of the worst fan fiction I have ever read in my life. Arthur conan Doyle is probably spinning in his grave.

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