Werewolves and Vampires and... Shape Shifters? Oh My!(BoyxBoy)

Sequel to Ghouls Academy for the Socially Awkward. Ray and Marc now live happily, having severed all ties with most of their families to start their own, and after some dfficulty, have managed to have a son through IVF. Now, we will follow their son through his experiences of Ghoul's Academy, the place where his own love may blossom, or his life as he knows it could be turned upside down!
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idk why but I've always had this weird attraction to anyone named Alex. sort of like an abundance of  Katherines or something but with the name Alex
jak frost....................................ohhhhhh i get it now dont you <3 him in rise of the gardins
Can i vote for all of them? No? Then I guess it'll have to be Grey :) but i hope they all get a good ending ^.^ thank you so much for wiriting a sequel <3
If they end up together. Anyways I love vampires nd i like Alex . So I vote for Alex
Awesome update :) ok so I vote for Alex ;) he is just so intriguing .nd I like him for jack :D
i did read the fist book :) nd i really liked it..it was also very funny :D upload soon..i think this story is going to be good like the first nd funnier .. :)

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