Devoted [ Watty Awards! ]

Your love, killed me. Literally. [ Watty Awards 2012! ]
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oh fuck no! you get back there and beat the shit out of your 'husband'!!you will not die!!
no matter what our lovers do to us , we don't seem capable of letting their love go , that's the wierd thing about love.
@unique_chu lol that story was no where near funny. 
but I totally love your stories
omg, this is literally like one page and you managed to make me cry. I've read entire sad books, and I didn't cry. Well done.
@sweetsos209 there is always the chance that she didn't even have a phone... He most likely took it, to keep her from calling the police...
I think I'm gonna cry, It's just that..Can't explain it. It was wonderful thank you )': ×

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