Devoted [ Watty Awards! ]

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Hasti By Slim_Shady Completed
Your love, killed me. 


[ Watty Awards 2012! ]
remind me of Jodi Picoult - Picture perfect. 
the difference only the ending which the woman signed for divorce and took her son with her far, far away.
Oh man that is so sad. It's crazy that people who are meant to love you do things like that and then use the excuse that they do it because they love you.
I cried... No, no heart, smiley face or any ex's and oh's !!!
This was very well written! I even let a few tears escape....the story hit me pretty good well written, heartbreaking and my emotions are in a jumble now asdfghjkl
WHAT A SHORT STORY  I was so captured I wanted to Ligit cry when I saw it was a short story