The Dark

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_CJ_Apathy By _CJ_Apathy Updated 4 years ago
Tal lives across a field from a girl named Marley. Marely lives next to the city's largest train tracks and a boy named Tal. Tal has a dark secret, Marley knows what it is, and the only thing that keeps them grounded is the vibrations of oncoming trains as the two of them lie against the coarse ground in the field.
umMads umMads 2 years ago
You Should Try And Write More To This. 

I Don't Mean To Fangirl But I Absolutely Love Your Stories. I've Read "Equally" Twice And I've Been Waiting For You To Update "My Name Is Woodstock" 
Oh, Again. I Absolutely Love Your Stories c: 
I love this as a short story. It's sad and horrible, but you execute it well. What was the part about the girl being too far away to hear?
HeatherMcCorkle HeatherMcCorkle 4 years ago
I was drawn into these characters, their honesty and connection. It sounds like a concept that you could develop into a full novel if you wanted to!