Living It Up In Hell

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"You're finally good enough, Rocket." 

       You've heard of Heaven, and you heard of a Hell. But how exactly do you get to these places after you die? 
       Centuries ago God became angered at how Lucifer was running things down in Hell. He would torture the souls that didn't make it to the gates of Heaven. Pained to see his children being treated like this, God knew he was going to have to stop Lucifer from his control frenzy. He sent his younger brother after him, and Lenore chased Lucifer back to Heaven where God and his angels are watching him to this day. Lenore, Lucifer's brother, now controls Hell, and he has made it a much more pleasant place to live.
       But Lucifer is planning an attack, and God has a plan for when he does that no one else knows about.
       Meet Rocket Jay. She was just a normal, everyday, seventeen year old girl that had nothing going for in her life. Her religious views: Atheist, loud and proud.
       But all that changes when tragedy strikes Ridgeway High School, and Rocket Jay, Lauren Green, Liam Rowley, Sara Grace Walton, and Rickey Daniels find themselve dead and in hell. 
       All that changes when Rocket finds out that she has to be the one that chases Lucifer back to heaven once more. But can she honestly kick the devil's ass?

       Join Rocket and the gang in this amazing, Sci-Fi, Teen Fiction, Romance. I can swear you never read anything like this before. And if you have then dammit to hell ugh
My jaw was dropped throughout this whole chapter!!!!  HOLY COW!!!!!!  Um...I'm just gonne continue reading now... <.<   >.>
letanglover58 letanglover58 2 years ago
I really loved this chapter, I thought it was written really well.  You were very descriptive and I love reading books like that!(:
ThirtyMilesZone ThirtyMilesZone 2 years ago
Damn, what an intense chapter! I like it! It was more of a show that rather than the tell thing, and I like it. Although, you should add more feelings, not just action. And Robert Downey jr. As lucifer? Cool!
AlexFreeman6 AlexFreeman6 2 years ago
Violent but thrilling beginning well done :) Really like the first quote sets a good mood to the story.
secrettt12_3 secrettt12_3 2 years ago
Absolutely one of the best, your hard work is quite evident, if i was an agent, i'd help you already! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE 

VOTED & will add to library...
infinitywrite infinitywrite 2 years ago
@MissStories101 Yeah. I HATE editing my own stuff because I seem to always miss something.