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AspiringAuthor By AspiringAuthor Updated 2 years ago
Everyone knows the story of Beauty and the Beast, but what happened before the enchantress turned the prince into the Beast?  And what if she was in love with him?
Depthsofblue Depthsofblue 9 months ago
I love the story <3 and if you still have the desire to write the next chapters of the book, It would be great and that I am still here to check it out.
FantasyBeliever24 FantasyBeliever24 3 years ago
Oh my! This sounds so exciting!!! How amazing. Can't wait for the next chapter! Im story falling in love with this story!
Appleblossom24 Appleblossom24 3 years ago
cool never thought about it like that...really interesting and cant wait for more
FantasyBeliever24 FantasyBeliever24 3 years ago
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is AMAZING!!!! SO GOOD!! Wow this is just fantastic I can't wait for more. I'm adding this to my library and vite for every chapter!
poeticalamity poeticalamity 3 years ago
ooooh ! It's soooo good and sooooo suspensful i think ill just go and wait in the corner till you've uploaded more, which i'm hoping will be soon !!!! x)