The City That Never Sleeps

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Georgia By GeorgiasStories Updated 3 years ago
A few years down the line and the One Direction boys are both exactly the same, and completely different. Harry's gone overboard with the girls, Zayn's on the verge of an overdose and Niall just doesn't care about anything or anyone. Set in the bustling city of New York, it's about time the boys got together and started afresh...Maybe this time it won't fall apart.
Ikr, New York's winter is the worst, but it's worth it, I'm all about the snow.
Wow, this is really good! completely different from everything else
It's only been 2 chapters and I already love this. Update soon!
Whoa...addictions and depression. Just...whoa. I love it! Very creative, and very saddening at the same time. You're all brilliam authors! I hope the boys get through their issues...:-(
                                    Other than that, you have left me utterly speechless. That was amazayn.
Ooooh, I want to write this with you guys ): Jealouuus! (; x
This is different, and really well done. Good job! Update :)