Twisted Royalty

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_NightTempest By _NightTempest Updated 2 years ago
His return was unexpected. His return had brought many dark iccassions with him. Now, he's againset off with a maid by his side to retrieve the glory of his kindom.
NotToday NotToday 3 years ago
There are a few grammar mistakes yet your story still has a nice flow. I LOVE Ben Barnes and think he's perfect to play your prince! Anyways, I'm gunna go read the next chapter :D
NotToday NotToday 3 years ago
Youre amazing cover and summary brought me here. I love the start of your story! Very interesting! I love it so far!(:
BabyLove1023 BabyLove1023 3 years ago
I am so going to enjoy reading this story. It caught my attention right away!
update soon
TashaW TashaW 3 years ago
He is so jealous, there were a few mistakes but otherwise another well written chapter.
TashaW TashaW 3 years ago
Very nice start, you described everything well and it was a really good start. I don't think I noticed many errors and I liked the ending, it seemed very realistic, it's something that would happen to me.