{KH / Final Fantasy} Already Seen, Already Heard, Already Forgotten

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xSimplyElementaryx By xSimplyElementaryx Updated 8 months ago
You're back again on another adeventure. After two years away, you are on vacation to Twilight Town (now known as the Radiant Gardens), but looks like you have to start all over again. No one remembers you. It was what you wanted, but what happens when trouble arises and all that can save your friends is the trust that they no longer have for you? {WARNING: Bad Lingo, Very Suggestive Situations, Drama, Horrible Pairings that Nobody Likes, Very Gory Scenes, Maybe a Little BoyxBoy if the mood strikes me. If you think I was pushing the envelope before, you're not gonna like me much this time around.}
XxMustachexX XxMustachexX 7 months ago
Just want to ask,,,,do i have to read the whole story of first book?i'm too lazy O.O
XxMustachexX XxMustachexX 7 months ago
YAAAYYYYY there's noel here OVO (yea, i'm super late i know.)
Chaosmancer Chaosmancer a year ago
It's okay if you write gore. That's your style but you do know that even though it's gory, the imagination of people give the hard suckerpunch to the gut.
Snowy_XueYing Snowy_XueYing a year ago
OHHHHH thank you!!!! I really like Hope, and it's okay if he doesn't have a big part though....as long as he's a BOC and has his own results (even if it's small) i'm alright with it..it's better than nothing anyway~ thank you again! :D
ShanelleNoces ShanelleNoces a year ago
i dont want to read this YET because i haven't read the original. And i dont know which one that is..... Help?
NejireAkuma NejireAkuma 2 years ago
you should add Layle or Kiess from FF crystal bearers. the game isn't the best but their both great characters that I haven't really seen in very many fanfics.