The Player's Rebound

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_MaxLancaster_ By _MaxLancaster_ Updated 2 years ago
Drew has a reputation. The entire school knows that he's had more girls than any other guy, and he's pretty proud of that. 

Until Heather Richards comes along again.

She used to have a crush on Drew, but to say it's gone is an understatement. She can't stand him anymore because he's rude and doesn't respect girls. As if just telling him wasn't enough, she had to announce it to the entire grade.

But now Drew has a choice to make. He can either continue his ways or clean up his act. And it seems like either way, he can't win.
Dawnsnow16 Dawnsnow16 2 years ago
For some reason, I'm loving how this is in a male perspective, allowing the lot of girls on wattpad in on how some guys think. I really love it. Keep it up!
KiaraIsStylesx KiaraIsStylesx 2 years ago
Okay id just like to say before i read this book i was very skeptical because it seemed very cliche ya know like every other bad boy story but after adding it to my library it took me about a month before deciding to give it a shot and im glad i did ! (:
Tdawg97 Tdawg97 2 years ago
I been looking for a good book through a males prospective and when i found it i was like YES! *Fist Pump* Great start. Voted. :)
SwimmingUpstream SwimmingUpstream 2 years ago
Ok, i'm going to read this, and i'm really not trying to be rude, but i never knew that 'purposeful' was a word until i read it in your work. I swear to God that i had never heard it used.i had always heard 'deliberate' or 'on purpose'. I think its refreshing, in a weird way. Congrats!
JLou14 JLou14 2 years ago
I like it, but Drew kind of sounds like a dick, but I think it's interesting
bhavana19 bhavana19 2 years ago
Drew seems like an ass haha, but I guess that's what all players are like.