The Switch

[SLOW UPDATES || ELEANOR] Eleanor Calder; Beautiful. Model. And did I mention she's dating one of the five hottest guys ever? Who just so happens to be a member of the most popular boy band worldwide, One Direction. Emily Patterson; Country girl. Junior in high school. Reserved. Madly in love with One Direction member Harry Styles, who doesn't even know she exists. And a complete nobody. So what happens when these two different girls who live in two completely opposite worlds, make the same wish at the same time on the same shooting star? What would you do if you woke up in a stranger's body? How would you react? And what sort of terms would you go through to get your life back, if you wanted your life back? You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. "Don't take life for granted because tomorrow is never promised" *Cover Credit: _InLouWeThrust_* *Trailer credit: 1dream41d* [Copyright © 2012 Trina Arabelle | All Rights Reserved]
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I only got one problem. 
The MAJORITY of this chapter is 
freeaking  authors note. No offense; if i keep seeing it A LOT, I'm not reading this period.
Honestly if I was Eleanor and because of my sassy attitude I would have totally been like "No I'm totally Danielle."
ok, I don't really like to read the ' THIS IS IMPORTANT READ ' but I read yours and I like how you lay down the law
I love this story and I had lost it about a year ago and couldn't find it again and here it is!!!!
I have an  AMAZING cover  for this book. If  you're interested, please message  me saying  you are.xx
Wow nice! It's pretty interesting. I'm gonna read this after I finish the the queue of books I'm going to read. XD

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