Halfway Heaven (a story by a soul) [ON HOLD]

Ayren Foy died. at least that was what she thought! little did she know that she would be stuck as one of the chosen people for Halfway Heaven and not just that she has to overcome the reventons. if she passes them she'll be granted a chance to go back to life but if she doesn't she'll have to stay in Halfway Heaven. weird right? i know! and she knows that too! ;) (i'll edit more later)
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O__O okay...so she died? ahaha, that was funny actually, off to reading the other chappies!
Even as a prologue i've been entertained and find some kind of humour what Liam in the end xD its simple, basic and interesting
again, less with the dots, more commas and more description. Don't go too generic with what's happening;)
I'm a bit confused which chapter comes first?
It's quite good. I like the story line voted

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