Color Me Softly

What if you were colorblind but you never thought a thing about it because everyone else is? Well, that isn't the case with Isabella. She's one of the only ones that actually sees in color, but what are these color? What happens when she finds out the meaning of her existence with the help of govermental scientists that only want to do tests on her? To cut her open to see why she's special? What happens when the colorful falls for the colorless?
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The description makes it sound oddly like The Giver (which I absolutely hate) I'm gonna read the edited one but if it sounds like The Giver, I'm out.
It said blue eyes :D you said you won't mention any colors :P :D
But, besides that little mistake, it is just.. perfect, good job :)
as soon as i read the prologue i was hooked. you should send in the edited version to get published by scholastic or something.
Nice Book. LOL, i'm still trying to even make a next page on making my story. Can anyone else help me? I just joined wattpad. :$
Kind of reminds me of the giver. Have you read it? 
You write really well though! I can't wait to read more of it. :)
Awesome book!  I love the concept of her being the only person to see in color. So becomeing a fan.

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