One Shots (One Direction)

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Collection of one shots about One Direction.
loversbait loversbait a month ago
Just wanted to be the 1,000th comment here (lol, excuse me, passin' thru)
Trisha_Tommo Trisha_Tommo a month ago
NIALL+FOOD = NOOD (Nah, that sounds like nude!!)
AnnieStories AnnieStories 2 months ago
I'm sorry, my english is... :D It's the first story I read in English, but is very very nice!!!
ArmedwithSarcasm ArmedwithSarcasm 2 months ago
This is the entire reason why I go to any party: for free food.
Amber_Robinson Amber_Robinson 3 months ago
thats not at all what a stalker does at all...i should know 
cutestylesawx cutestylesawx 6 months ago
this looks just like a dream i'd have, oh how i wish it wasn't actually a dream