I Cannot Escape

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_WintersGirl By _WintersGirl Updated 2 years ago
Cold, wet hands grasped around my legs. My blood stopped flowing. I opened my dry mouth to scream, but only a small wheeze came out. A dark chuckle emitted from behind me. The small rocks on the rough road scraped my flailing arms. He started dragging me back. "I heard you needed to be chased," he said lowly in my hair, grazing the knife on my neck. Its sharp, metal edge made me swallow. "It was a good run, don't you think?" I didn't answer. My lips were glued together, the tremors spreading in fear. I didn't dare squirm. The knife slowly made its way . . .  "But, the chase is over."  A bloodcurdling scream filled the lonely night of Coldgrove.
jadeainsy jadeainsy 2 years ago
omg you should do another chapter but get her to wake up in her house and pretend it was a dream!!!! and maybe somthing happeneds like that man kidnapped her!
SillyGIRL888 SillyGIRL888 2 years ago
A I see yours. :) that makes sense. And you really are a good writer. :)
SillyGIRL888 SillyGIRL888 2 years ago
@WintersGirl I could see the Appel in writing something like that. But I think it was just a little TOO vegue.
Mokoniki Mokoniki 3 years ago
Ooh, that was interesting! Had me on edge the entire way through!