Dorming With The Jocks

Sadie Michaels got into the best high school in the country, excited to start her junior year and make the most of it. But no one told her she would have to be dorming with guys?! When she arrives she hears the news that the girls dorms are full and the only dorm that is open is the Wellington Dorm, a.k.a. the Jock Dorm. If she wants to go to school there and stay she has to dorm with the jocks but will she be able to handle their silly pranks and rude comments? Not to mention every man in the dorm hitting on her 24/7? And what happens when her roommate just happens to be the biggest Jock of them all?
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....*slowly makes way to elevator* *turns and presses the button multiple times* comeoncomeoncomeon!
 oh come on guys we all know it's a fair tie.......I mean u guys don't hav one...
What if you two have sêx ;);) it's DEFIANTLY a win win situation then ;););););)
I think Kent's gonna try some shit like sweet talk her out of her virginity she fell short for a couple seconds at the beginning.
I like commenting on great books! Hehe, I love your book! IT'S AWESOME AND I LURVE IT!

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