Memoirs of a Kunoichi • Sasuke Uchiha [ON HOLD]

The Akiyama clan was once the most feared and sought out clan throughout the shinobi world, but after their "extermination" nearly twenty years ago, many are shocked to see a member arrive in Konohagakure. Is Ren able to fulfill her clan's wishes once she meets Sasuke Uchiha? Can she forsake who she was raised to be?
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This holds to be very promising indeed!  I can't wait to read more!  Keep up the good work!
You have a nice writing style, very detailed :) 
I'm looking forward to finish your story ~
Awesome, I couldn't believe it when she said, "infiltration complete." Can't wait to read more.
@IBecomeSoNumb Not as much now. I'm normally on Wattpad now. But I get on once and a while. I'm glad you answered because I thought I was going crazy.

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