The Makers

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Nathaniel♡ By Nathaniel♡ Updated 3 years ago
Wattpad's Guide in Cover Design.
are you going to update or not? I'm really looking forward to this... :)
wait.... what happened? every chapter I check, it states that it's 'under editing', is it only happened on my computer??
This is really, really interesting, but the grammar could be edited.
@NathanielS What photo editor do you use when you're editing photos?
@NathanielS Where did you get the pictures before editing?? :P They look really crystal clear and stunning. :P
@NathanielS - Meh! I am REALLY not ashamed of it! Usually good covers mean, the writer is dedicated towards his book so they saw into it too! Whe they made the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover', they didn't have photoshop back then! :D