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_suspiciouscranberry By _suspiciouscranberry Updated 2 years ago
Lillius Graham lived an extraordinarily ordinary life.

When one lives such a life, it does do to wonder what sort of adventure may be awaiting them. And if one does wonder, must they not read on?
PawnShop PawnShop 2 years ago
I like how this written :) It shows that her life is quiet boring and is the same thing everyday. The description was great as well, I didn't see any grammer mistakes and I think I'll keep reading it. 
A unicorn at my face <--- Snap. Crack. Pop. xD
AChristmasCarol AChristmasCarol 2 years ago
That was interesting. I like how you started out by describing how odd Lillius' life was, but then narrowed it down and said that she could be just like anyone else. She was totally normal. It made her much more relatable. I really liked this :)
I_Smell_Music I_Smell_Music 2 years ago
This is really well written and has good detail. I love love love the cover it's really good. The concept of this story seems original and it does have good potential. Voted. :)
dobbrien dobbrien 2 years ago
I like that you give a great amount of detailing which makes it exciting for the reader. Even though this was short it still held my interest. I saw no mistakes. Great job with this so far!
RahniaForever RahniaForever 2 years ago
firstly love the cover:) and the first line aaaahh:D hehehexD anyway good job impressed :)
CAKE2012 CAKE2012 2 years ago
:) this is amazing i really like defo reading on *Voted* love the description