The Divided (BoyxGirl) (BoyxBoy)

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Amy c: By Amy c: Completed
The Divided is a inspiring, gripping tale of ordinary schoolboy Shayne, who suffers from depression and uses lucid dreams to keep himself feeling alive.  

Strange and unquestionable things don't go unnoticed - when a strange girl transfers to his school. He realises she isn't like any girl he’s met before. What’s more, they've met several times before, in the lucid dreams. He finds himself caught between his hatred for his ordinary human life, and a desire to be anything else, anything else at all, if it means staying with her.
so interesting, you've got a gripping start and i'm looking forward to reading the rest of it =D
gah. I can already tell it's going to be awesome. ermahgerd... I luff good writing :D
I WUV this story... especially the DREAM part because that's pretty much all I do. :)
I thought this was really good! c: Love the song at the side >.<
omg i wish i knew how you got so many reads. you must teach me sensei. this story seems really nice and sweet. itll be my 3rd read on here!!! im mainly a writer more than a reader.
I hope you don't think I was being rude. I know there are errors...I make a lot. Just really liked that first bit and thought you'd like to fix it. You are a really great writer. :)