Guardians: Road to Redemption

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leprechaun96 By leprechaun96 Updated 2 years ago
As this world progresses, its inhabitants slowly taint its many magical plains. Staining the very fabric of reality with corruption and distortion that may lead to its early destruction the Earth itself chose sentient beings that will guard it. For every generation seven are chosen as protectors and are bound by the duty their whole life. 

This generation was different from the preceding ones. Philosophically and evidently the earth chose some of the most scorned beings. No one knows the reason why this came to be. Only a few of them know that they have a reason of living but the others toyed with their lives. It even chose otherworldly beings, creatures that are very alien to our own race.

A story of liberation, contentment, and facing our demons the characters face their deepest darkest fears. What will happen when these people fight for their very existence against enemies and each other. The war of equilibrium and disorder is right at their doorstep.
hellodearie hellodearie 3 years ago
Intriguing story! All I'd say is just read through and make sure all of your sentences make sense becasue quite a few are slightly confusing. Great descriptions and charcters though. Voted.
EurekaEureka EurekaEureka 3 years ago
The first part is definitely thrilling.. You have build it up well.