His Name Means Black

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_lovelyladieslie By _lovelyladieslie Updated 2 years ago
Amara is forced to mate with the Alpha of another pack. Its suppose to make life easier for everybody. But truth is...it does just the  opposite.
Reffiney257 Reffiney257 2 years ago
People, stop posting what you though ofthe whole story in this chapter or the following ones!! It's such a spoiler for the rest of us! 

On another note, I loved the beginning!:3
asterism asterism 3 years ago
Well written and I love the whole plot, its very creative. And I feel sorry for her but I know she will find a way to survive!
chlodochar5wolf chlodochar5wolf 3 years ago
Oh dear. I laughed when her father said "Amara, sit." The "mated for life" thing is a bit of a cliche though.
FChamoun FChamoun 4 years ago
WOW this is really good. The first chapter..but I can feel its a really good story! 
gordonramsay gordonramsay 4 years ago
The cover is really good! I haven't actually read anything yet but I'm gonna start noooooow!
Mrs_Nishiua Mrs_Nishiua 4 years ago
Hey I love the last chappy was great keep up the good work.............