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The works within 'Wattpad Party Posts' are not mine. These posts were sent to me when I had what I like to call a "Wattpad party'. All of what I post in here comes from my awesome fans who sent in work and participated. It's going to take me a while to go through everything because I took a month off from Wattpad (long story) but I'm hoping to get everything posted soon. None of this is mine. None of this is edited. It's just my fans being awesome, so read on and enjoy. The title of each part is the fan and what story they participated in is in parenthesis. If it says "rant" next to their name, it means they participated with THE WATTPAD WRITERS RANT (I'm just too lazy to write out the whole name haha). Each part is dedicated to the participating fan, so click on their names and check them out! :)
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The author's note thing is the most annoying thing on all of wattpad! I just want to read the story. Leave me alone for pete sakes!
Number two! :O I thought I was the only one who thought that. I am forever searching for them. :D
@SincerelyBeingMe That is so true. I do think though that the representation of it in books and movies, encourages an acceptance of the behaviour in society.
Yes I agree with all of those, But the worst one is text spellings in a story, that really annoy the hell out of me

Haha! I totally agree. I also smile when I read, or I make weird faces, or something ! But whatever it is I do, my family makes fun of me ! :P
@Dreaming_Love I've only just seen that this was put up! ;P I'm glad you agree with two of the points ;) And believe me the first one is VERY annoying ;P xxxx

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