Estate Angel (On Hold)

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PotterHeadIqra By PotterHeadIqra Updated 2 years ago
Taylor has a pretty rough life but she would never imagine that it would be her saving Zayn Malik's life. Is this a sign? Were they destined to be together? Street girl who roughs it out with millionaire super singer. Hmm, sounds like a perfect match..right? Read on to find out!
I absolutely loooove this story =]
                                    Cant wait to
First page, you already made me just about cry... I love you xxx
This is good (: I like the fact that it doesn't sart off like all the other fan fics. *voted*
For the brother's name how about......Gilbert....or Thomas. Something like that (: Hope this helps,love
Love,for your first story.......i  love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: Gave it a  vote ;)
This chap is realy gd, in regards to name requests sorry I cnt help u there as I had trouble naming my own characters nd I used outside help buh gd luck