My Cheating Mate (Under Construction)

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_PassionForVolleyball By _PassionForVolleyball Updated 2 years ago
Lily and Mason were perfect mates for each other. They were hopelessly in love, clearly made for each other. That was, until Lily found Mason cheating on her with other she-wolves. An upset Lily leaves from her pack to find a new home to take care of her and love her, but will she be able to survive as time slowly passes without Mason by her side?
oh_alexrosa oh_alexrosa 2 years ago
so I usually stay away from werewolf stories but for some reason yours intrigued me. I loved reading it and thought this was great. Mason is an ass. I love the werewolf plot you chose with mating and packs. Kinda reminds me of true blood? Have you seen that show. Anyways, I liked this a lot
beefy8 beefy8 2 years ago
Not to be mean, but your dialogue sounds really cheesy.
But other than that, I like your story.
JayceAnae JayceAnae 2 years ago
I've read it twice and I don't usually read nothing but that really caught my eye 
night_whisperer night_whisperer 2 years ago
More upload more please quickly I cant seem to hat the story out of my head I am gonna go nuts if you dont
Cooki3m0nst3r Cooki3m0nst3r 2 years ago
This sounds like a copy of my cheating mate by tink19er17bell....
peysampler peysampler 2 years ago
Thats intresting(: I liikeee it! (: Check out my stoy when you can ? (: I'd love to hear your opinion(: