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@lilly-rain geese girl, everywhete i look theres some revirw on one of your stories or your self. people are making your head way to big...:p
Awe, thank-you so much for this! And five stars! Wow, glad you enjoyed reading it xo
@WildChildRUN I agree with you completely, but I'm just trying to think of a reason from the authors' side
@JustAnotherNewbie So? She still didn't mentiomn it. And sure a lot are worse, but the 'All Time' list has good grammar, and spelling for a resaon!
@WildChildRUN True...but the spelling and grammar on most stories here is a lot worse
Ehhh, I love her work, but you refrain from mentioning the abundance of mistakes made in her stories (sp&grammar)

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