Science Fiction: In the future there is the City. A hedonistic world where humankind's every whim and need is catered for by the Mind, the super computer that controls every aspect of day to day life. The human mind is a far more complex thing than even the Mind can anticipate though. What happens when the human mind evolves to a point far beyond what is considered 'normal'? What happens if the elements themselves are bent to the whim of one man who has lost everything he cares for? Love. Logic. Reality. Which is more real?
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@TheOrangutan No worries, i just thought I'd let you know how your work made me feel hehe. I hope you win! :D
@TheOrangutan Ah, I think I might go for the second, just because it's the one he wrote when he was a more experience writer. =]
breathtaking dystopia.  nearly flawless.  you've created a magnificent world here @TheOrangutan
Wow. This took my breath away. I found no grammar mistakes. Can't wait for the next upload. Btw this is enough material for a whole book. LOL
@TheOrangutan Correction. It's not a dystopia. It's a negative utopia. The world Huxley creates resolves all social problems, at the cost of art and struggle.
A nice hint of menace in the  surreal world you have evoked here. Interesting indeed.
(pg.3 last paragraph - 1st line .."have I have.."?)

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