Accidentally In Love ~A Niam Love Story~

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TemperedGrace By TemperedGrace Updated 3 years ago
Niall Horan is the only openly gay guy in his school. Liam Payne is one half of the school's alpha couple, and him and his friends make it their job to make Niall's life a living hell. But when a prank backfires--the results leave Liam with something he never expected. Love.
Oh! Like those rubber ones! Or you can just brake a plastic one in half......
My hair is red on the ends! And isn't it bad to dye your hair every week or maybe it's bad to just bleach it too often
I love this story. Ecspecially because it's between Niall and Liam! Isn't Niam just too cute!? Oh and sorry for my rant but someone had to say and people like that just annoy the kind outta me.
@moeemoeechick If you don't like it, then don't read it. Don't look it up, don't click on it, don't do anything dealing with the bromace. It's fanfiction. Fiction. It's fake. If we want to write stuff like this we will write it. And being gay isn't gross. Being homophobic is what's gross.
WHY ARE U GUYS SO MEAN TO 1D lol i didnt even read the story
'I'd slap you but that'd be animal abuse'? Response, 'I know, I know you're not used to the specimen of sexy beast'