Accidentally In Love ~A Niam Love Story~

Niall Horan is the only openly gay guy in his school. Liam Payne is one half of the school's alpha couple, and him and his friends make it their job to make Niall's life a living hell. But when a prank backfires--the results leave Liam with something he never expected. Love.
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'I'd slap you but that'd be animal abuse'? Response, 'I know, I know you're not used to the specimen of sexy beast'
I know right?, I believe it's possibly because of his Islamic background.

But, he isn't always... sometimes he can be the sweetest character :)
In a lot of 1D stories Caroline is the bad girl not saying its a bad thing just putting it out there
OMG. is there gonna be Larry cause if there is I'll personally kick you in the face.(in a good way)
That is discussing I know I should keep my opinions to myself but wtf Niall isn't gay and neither is liam I know there is other gay people but that is gross!
Aww! Liam is sort f a douche in this story. But I guess he's supposed to be. This story is good so far :)

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