On the day of their wedding, Suze begins to be feeling doubts on her and Stanley getting married. She starts to bring back the past of cancelled wedding days, and betrayals. Will Stanley be able to change Suze's mind before it's too late? 
    Even after the wedding, they are both still at the climax of their relationship when past and future problems come along. Suze has to choose if she wants to keep the commitment or break it. 
    But if Suze chooses to break it, will Stanley stop her? Or will he let his love run away from what they had together?
    Find out in Climax.
    *Inspired by Usher's song, "Climax".
This is a really great start!  It caught my attention and it's really catchy!  I love the characters and your descriptions!  I especially love the flashback and your writing style!
One thing I noticed about the synopsis was that in multiple sentences you offered two scenarios of what could happen, and then started talking about the one scenario, proving that that was the one that would occur in the story. It felt spoonfed a bit. Maybe change up the synopsis?
Wow, very good start. The beginning, the flashback, everything in its place, and so catching. Well done. Your characters are so real, the dilemma Suze has is so touchable. Good job, really, and voted!
This is fantastic so far! I love the beginning. It got my attention and the whole chapter kept it. I haven't read a story like this before. I'm interested to see where you take it and how it goes!
I have never read a story like this before. It seems to be coming along very nicely. I especially liked the emotion you were able to capture while writing. It was very strong and believable. Keep up the great writing!
I really like your intro. It wasn't cliche, and it jumped right into the action. You were left wondering why she left him, and how many times their wedding had been cancelled. This is a really neat idea!