The Devil's Pawn

Taylor Thompson is every parent's dream daughter. She's in the smartest classes with fantastic grades and overall a well behaved child. The only problem is she has one secret she's kept from her family for years now. Taylor's bisexual. Trenton Clark is the new boy in town. He's not your typical bad boy though. Having been in jail twice already, Trenton's looking to ride out his last year of high school. He has no expectations to get into a college, no want to get a job. These two total opposites find themselves in each other's company more often than they'd like when Trenton quickly discovers Taylor's secret. Blackmail has suddenlytakenon a whole new meaning.
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At first I was like how rude! But after I read she was very full of herself I kind of felt like she invited those comments
This is my second time reading this Zoey. I first read it on your Quizilla page so yeah, I'm following you around like a stalker. :)
I bet she actually would've known who that band Trent was looking at was. Some people are just rude though :L hehe
Wow, I really like the beginning of this! But, it's kinda sad, because I can sort of relate to Taylor because of my parents...
so i havent read the story yet but i think i will like it if the chapter song is porn star dancing xD
Upload!!! I've read the first chapter like, 10 times already!!! Please upload soon!!!!

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