Mans best friend

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_liljessa By _liljessa Updated 11 months ago
Rea has finally found her mate, but he's human and already married with a baby on the way. Eventually she decides that she can't act on it, not having it in her to break up a perfectly happy family. So instead she decides to become a part of their family, as mans best friend.
Lipstickjungle Lipstickjungle 7 months ago
Never seen this approach to a Were story....very interesting.  Sad,  but interesting.
__Maverick __Maverick 2 years ago
Nice start.. but I'm kind of surprised the way her uncle didn't respond 'too much' as he should on her becoming a 'pet' at their house...
bubbleblowersunite bubbleblowersunite 2 years ago
This was an amazing story and I can't wait to read the sequel
xxMusicAddict88 xxMusicAddict88 2 years ago
This was a great chapter. I liked the descriptions of how they both welcomed her into their house and of how caring her uncle was to her situation. Wondering what's going to happen next? Can't wait to read and find out.
Shadowbutterfly Shadowbutterfly 2 years ago
At first I didn't want to read this beacause it seemed to be such a sad storyline but I'm glad I started reading. It's a beautiful plot and really well written.