Lock The Doors [boyxboy]

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_DeeTheRipper By _DeeTheRipper Updated 2 years ago
Zayn Blades: You have no idea what anarchy is until you've met him. His "fuck you and the vagina you crawled out of" attitude doesn't gain him many friends. Neither does that fact that he's a bit of an ass to everyone he meets and doesn't like anyone besides his best friend Jinx. He's the type of guy that your girlfriend crawls to when you fuck up. He has a bit of a past. A past that involves a morgue or two... or five but who's counting? Loki is the blue haired pale boy with the same electric blue eyes to match you see in the corner of Home Ec class. He's quiet. He's not quiet because he's shy. He's quiet because he's trying to keep himself from eating everyone there. Loki is a demon. What's a demon doing in high school? Being there against his will is what he's doing there. He's learning to "get along with humans". He didn't like humans when he was one, why would he now? Though, there ends up being a human that he does like: Zayn. After seeing Loki slaughter and eat someone, Zayn becomes frightened but completely intrigued. Zayn doesn't want to love Loki, he doesn't WANT to love anyone. Last time he loved someone they left him... in a casket but they still left. Loki and Zayn, demon and human, they aren't supposed to be together. But where is that written in stone? If you ask Loki, Zayn's name is practically engraved in his heart.
GypsysHome GypsysHome 2 years ago
Its 2 in the morning lol but i love this already and uh they ( Zayne and Jinx) kiss?
PsychoInsane PsychoInsane 2 years ago
I love your characters already! It's almost 1am but I'll read one more chapter...just one more!
SailorPeach5 SailorPeach5 2 years ago
Lmao! Its 12:30 am here and i gotta get up soon...but im SOOOOO addicted to this book!! I LOVEEE ITTT!!!! <3 xD i dont think imma sleep till i finish :D
whoa...gory and gruesome...i think im in my kind of hell haha
greenforesthero greenforesthero 2 years ago
Wow this was a great start. I cain't wait to see what happens next.
Tiggermazz Tiggermazz 2 years ago
This is amazing i have no idea why i never read it before. I should seriously kill myself for that. However now that i found this i am going to finish it in like a day since i really have no life. But eh whatever. Amazing Job BTW!.