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One night, one boy, one party, several cups of beer and tequila, and a one night stand was all it took for Alice Zimmer's life to go spiraling out of control. 
    She had only meant to talk to Angel so that she could try to discover why her heart wouldn't stay calm when she was near him, but when she found herself in his bed at the end of a wild party, what else could she do but throw herself at him?  Right?
    Angel Stewart was far from worthy of having a girl like Alice in his life, nevermind in his bed. But the gift she so readily offered wrapped in a black mini skirt and hot pink tank top were just too much for him to pass up. Offer a lion a raw steak, and he will devour it! And so he did.....
    Join these two on a journey filled with love, hate, insecurity, drugs, alcohol, parties, sex, redemption, and...murder? A journey where a one night stand could possibly become a...
Please finish the story. I know a publisher but she won't look at any unfinished work. Don't miss out on a great opportunity.Please update soon.
No its happen before the first book. Also meanwhile with the first book:)
I thought this was part 2 of he saved me it is like a new book. which doesnt make since because angel and alice is already together
Update please it's been a long time since you last updated D;
when will the next chapter be done? looking forward to it! ^_^
i loved the story " He saved me " like hell  and acc wanted to know more about alice and angel so pleease dont take a lot of time to update  plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeee