A Summer Like That

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_xLastChance By _xLastChance Updated 3 years ago
After the death of her older brother, Brooklyn Conway is sent to the beach town of Haven for the summer with her aunt, the perfect chance to start over. Soon, with new friends and a new attitude, she almost forgets her past. Then she meets step-siblings Zoe and Lucas West, standing out from the rest of Haven in their own ways. Zoe, bold and straightforward, is just the kind of fearless girl who could change Brooklyn's outlook on life. And Brooklyn can't help but be drawn to solitary Lucas, who she realizes has a lot more going on than he lets on. In a seaside summer of contrasts, fireworks and love, Brooklyn has to learn how to let go and have fun in the face of tragedy, and how to open up when it matters.
Hunger_Games_Lover Hunger_Games_Lover 3 years ago
Flawless. The story is amazing so far. Your a very talented writer.
blissom blissom 3 years ago
Amazing. Flawless, actually. The story just captivated me at the second I started reading it, and your words and sentence structures just blew me away. You start right at the peak of action, and that's what i loved. Really amazing. Voted. And added. Simply beautiful!
TateShilly TateShilly 3 years ago
♥ But omg that break up. He's a butt hole. -__- love this.
fkay1313 fkay1313 3 years ago
This is totally realistic, interesting and relatable. I like Brooklyn, she seems like a regular girl going through life-so that's awesome! :)
ThinkHappy ThinkHappy 3 years ago
Oh. Um, alrighty. It just seemed like you based your story a lot of her concept. Since your male lead has the same qualities her male lead has. & They're both in the beach on the summer with a death in it. Just thought I'd point it out.
ThinkHappy ThinkHappy 3 years ago
Um, this story seems a lot like Fearlessly's story, "One Day."