Because You Love Me (a HP fanfic)

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_sentinelangel By _sentinelangel Updated 2 years ago
October 31 1981 is the worst day of Alaina Evans's life.  She loses the only family she's ever known and gains a young baby boy to take care of.  Little does she know how special her nephew really is.  Follow her on her journey of discovery with Harry and a very special friend who saved her life twice in the same day: Severus Snape.
goldnsilver66 goldnsilver66 2 years ago
wow this is so amazing! best HP fan fic I've ever come through, seriously! 
<333 voted!
Crimson_Dreams Crimson_Dreams 2 years ago
Second time reading it, and I must say, this is my favorite book that has not been published and is very high on my all-time story list. You know, after HP series. ;)
beatinghearts beatinghearts 2 years ago
I really liked this chapter!  I think that you write James and Lily's relationship well.  It's how I imagined them to act :)

P.S. I love the picture at the side :D
HPlover165 HPlover165 2 years ago
I have some awesome info. 4 u! The version of Alice and wonderland directed by Tim burton, in that, the person who did the voice of the caterpillar was Allan rickman. It came on today and I was listening to it and I thought "holy shiz! That's snape!"
RandomRoxii1974 RandomRoxii1974 2 years ago
Hmmmm.......interesting. Can't wait to see what path this story takes
HollyHammerHagelin HollyHammerHagelin 3 years ago
This is really interesting and don't worry about goin AU, that's the fun of fan fics ; you make it YOUR world using JKR's people and places 

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