Virgin Queen

This story was set in Feudal England, it centers aound Lisa Beaumont, a young woman born of Lord Abelard and Lady Esa Beaumont, Lisa, a young vibrant young woman is loved by all her father's people, she is smart, witty, caring of the people's needs, spends time with the villagers and the children. Rooms fill with her laughter and hearts warm with her smile. Her mother had hoped she would marry another Baron's son, or afforded the luxury of what she never had...falling in love with the man her own heart chose, not as a pawn in a chess game for power. Lisa's life is turned around when she is throw headfirst into a new world all alone, where knowing the difference and choosing between friend and foe, love or country can result in a deadly game of much more than just her own life.
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I hope that orrick because a very close friend and not put her though that much harm and be a wanker to her , because she deserves the best .
Orrick seems nice but in that friend way anyways I wish I had your writing skills cuase this story is absolutley fab!
Amazing story you have here yet I hope if Orrick is a potential love interest that he is not too old haha anyways on to the next chapter!!!!!
I like Orrick! But....he's so much older than her, is that normal for this time period?
this is soo good! i can't wait to read more
Orrick is quite the charmer isn't he? lol
I like it.  This is a period romance which I was looking for.  I will move on now to the next chapter.

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