The Memories Never Change [Old Work, To Be Rewritten]

What comes to mind when I ask you about spirits? A personality, or paranormal junk? Well either option you're actually wrong. In this world there are three different types of spirits a human body can posses. Angelic, a human with unique abilities, which I guess you could compare to real life Marvel characters, minus the whole hero part. Animalia, or as known more commonly Animal, is, well every kid's dream. There's an animal caged within our spirits that allow us to become the creature we are born to be. We are basically the real life Twilight werewolves, but in all species! And, Lastly are the Bromidic, which are the ignorant mundane people, probably like you. No offence meant.
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It really nice, has lots of potential. you just need to revise and edit a tad bit more, and you'll be good to go. Keep up the good work. :)
This story seems very original and I think that @centorgirl is right just needs a little work! But keep it up!
Oh my! Your story is brilliant! Although, there is a few grammar errors, your story is a real undiscovered gem! xx

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