The Memories Never Change [Old Work Thats on Hold]

Tell me something. What comes to mind when I ask you about spirits? Someone's personality? Paranormal activity? Well if you just said yes, I'm afraid your so ignorant to the world around you. In this world there are three different types of spirits a person could have. Angelic, Human or Animal. My name is Light Usagi and I'm Animal Spirited. So is my brother Kai and my Sister Kat. Most of us Animal or Angelic Spirited live normal lives, but we make bad choices, like any other person. But Kat, she killed all of my family but Kai and I think me and him are next. I've heard the Angel Spirited have a natural nature of protecting people, but I've never met one, so I can't say that from experience. But right now, I wish I knew one. My brother and I are gonna need it.
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It really nice, has lots of potential. you just need to revise and edit a tad bit more, and you'll be good to go. Keep up the good work. :)
This story seems very original and I think that @centorgirl is right just needs a little work! But keep it up!
Oh my! Your story is brilliant! Although, there is a few grammar errors, your story is a real undiscovered gem! xx

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