Don't die on me...

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ItsSima By ItsSima Updated 2 years ago
Angela's world crashes down when her mother became ill, she's never been so lost and alone in her life. But then Lucas - who is doing his Community Service in their house – decides to help her through the hard time. Angela let him through her walls and prays for her mother not to die on her. However she’s too busy to wonder why Lucas is really helping her and what he’s planning to do …
MagicPineapples MagicPineapples 4 years ago
Oooh, cool start. Short. Simple.Poetic.  Nice description, too. Looking forward to reading the rest.
FlowerofHope FlowerofHope 4 years ago
I like it, its really good and I can imagine everything *VOTED*

almostlover almostlover 4 years ago
its good. it mad eme read all of them but i liked this one the best, for sure because it showed alot of emotion to me.
Chenoweth_Fan Chenoweth_Fan 4 years ago
Great job, it definitely pulls the reader in. Please continue with this.
CosmosInChaos CosmosInChaos 4 years ago
Its plain and simple to the point I can comepletely understand! I already like Angela! *Votes and is off to continue reading*
thelionftw thelionftw 4 years ago
Love it! It was amazing!
On my way to reading more!