Saving the Fabulous Killjoys

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_emogirl4871 By _emogirl4871 Updated 2 years ago
a fanfic based on MCRs album Danger Days - 

when the 4 Fabulous Killjoys are killed Crazy Spiral is sent to put things right, but will she succeed in her mission?
GeeWayFan101 GeeWayFan101 3 years ago
I love this story, I just wrote one about the killjoys, I was wondering if you could read it and tell me what you think?? Its only got a few chapters up so far, but I'm going to finish it! Killjoy Name - Emerald Spyder!! :-)
thatmetalkid thatmetalkid 3 years ago
AMAZING!! LOVE MCR!! Readin on (: My killjoy name is Double Ryder :D
moonlightgloom moonlightgloom 4 years ago
hello emogirl recognise me by any chance you have 3 guesses and the first two dont count love the fanfic btw
:O I LOVE My Chemical Romance - their last gig was the best day of my life
I also love this story :) 
*votes and adds to library*
Keep writing - you have talent :D
VampireGothKitty VampireGothKitty 4 years ago
Yesssssss about Planety(GO!)!!
I love this so far!!
Any who,
Of to the next chappie!! 
zayilatan zayilatan 4 years ago
 WHY DID YOU HAVE TO PUT THAT VIDEO UP??? Every time I see it I literally bawl my eyes out :'(
    I'm glad you're bringing them back to life though :)