The Era Of Immortals

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Rhode_ By Rhode_ Completed
!7 year old Ferra lives in a world that has been over run by vampires for decades. Humans are treated as vermin, men being forced to work in enormous underground factories and women are forced to be a vampire's pet. Once a free person on the run, she is now a slave to three of the most powerful vampires in the world. Asher wants for Ferra to love him back, but so does his best friend and head vampire of their manor, Damien. Channing wants poor little Riley. But Ferra wants Ryder, her dead sole mate, even though she know he's lost to her, killed when she was first found my vampires. Ferra plans to escape, but can she do it?
alaizha alaizha a month ago
@teenspirit15 you know SaNta thinks about you every day in Christmas he keeps on saying ho,ho,ho
Blondy8383 Blondy8383 6 months ago
I've read this like five times still can't stop reading it!!! It's amazing!
BEWAREofShyanna9087 BEWAREofShyanna9087 11 months ago
Uhm lol "T-Shits" I'm not sure if you care about this considering you have a new one. But I just wanted you to know that this typo is hilariously :)
xEmoCrafterx xEmoCrafterx a year ago
ohmahgersh this is one of my fave books a long time ago I had wattpad but it was discontinued and I've been searching for it ever since I never finished it tho!
I think it's great and the spelling mistakes didn't really bother me keep on writing! Will you maybe check out my story?
ScarClan2 ScarClan2 2 years ago
Respect for all the teens out there who can pull an allnighter without noticing :) or at the very least, are able to function the next day :- P