SleepOver (One Direction)

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_FanfictionGnome By _FanfictionGnome Updated 2 years ago
Scarlett Jean was just caught stealing Harry Styles's underwear and hiding in Harry Styles's shower by a naked Harry Styles himself. How she even got there? You're about to find out.
kathleennn kathleennn 2 years ago
yep i saw this wasn't a copy later on and i love your ending WAY better!! thank you for replying to me also; it's an honor :)
laryy2012 laryy2012 2 years ago
If i saw that id be like nice body u got there i like what i see so you  dont have to ask
popcornbusra popcornbusra 2 years ago
You got the hole story wrong.If your going to write about one direction make it GOOD cause your. Horrible no Offence I'm a #1 fan of one direction so write about something else not ONE direction
narry_styleshoran narry_styleshoran 2 years ago
This is like the movie Sleepover. Actually it's the exact same lol.
InternetKidz00 InternetKidz00 2 years ago
This story reminds me of the sleepover movie cute I love it already
EllaHadrovic EllaHadrovic 2 years ago
Oh my gosh I can't believe you are writing to sleepover it is like my favorite movie!!!!!!!:)