Somber Thoughts [Poetry of Morbidity]

Poems with morbid themes and dark thoughts.
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WOW! That was really good!! You might wanna make some spaces in between the sentences or split them up into stanzas- just a suggestion:)
This was wow I loved the way you rhymed everything towards the ending it made this seem all the more lyrical. Once again another thoughtful and mind-bending piece on everything. This was brilliance in its own right. 
Every line has its complete and utter importance, excellent imagery
U know what, u should write stories n plays like Shakespeare. This takes me back to the complex emotions n ideas conveyed by the writers of old through their works. ;-D
@LuckOfTheApocalypse Haha no way Jose! it did not require patience, I was riveted. I'm happy you did, I love it. :) And yeah the concept behind it is so amazing and profound, and yes dark. lol @KingBoomy  that was an awesome reaction. =)
Damn this is good stuff. Really deep and completely riveting. You've got a tortured poet's mind in this, no offense or anything, it's a good thing in this case. This is amazingly great dark poetry.

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