Somber Thoughts [Poetry of Morbidity]

Poems with morbid themes and dark thoughts.
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WOW! That was really good!! You might wanna make some spaces in between the sentences or split them up into stanzas- just a suggestion:)
That was very cool, a reminder of the pointlessness of violence and war. Good stuff LOTA, very cool. Gav
Lovely. I love dark poems and writing, this is amazing. You rhyme much better than I do, for sure. *votes* I will be reading your other works now.
A rather good little moral there. A fight for the cause which results in the cause no longer being relevant. Nicely done. Gav
How wonderfully morbid :D
Talk about irony - having what seemed to be your savior slap you in the face and, um, drown you haha. Another great poem :)
This is truly great poetry. It's very dark yet vividly beautiful. You're a truly great writer.

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