Sophie is the love of Damien's life, she's kind, funny, caring and beautiful. One Friday, during their weekly trip to the pier to ride the ferris wheel, Damien saves Sophie's life - grabbing hold of her seconds before she plummets to her death. To Damien's horror, he wakes up the next day and it's still Friday. Then the next day, and the next. He's stuck in a none stop barrage of Fridays and nobody around him seems to notice. ***Cover by  N30NLIT3Z***
The story was great but the ending is something that only a few might like. Well I can't decide whether I like the ending or not.
I've never felt so sad about a book before. Well Marley and Me was pretty sad but I had tears in my eyes. Gosh. 
I'm literally about to cry. I've never wanted to cry reading a book. You have accomplished a lot today my friend.
omg.... I seriously finished readin this in 20 mins . kinda really like the story
Sorry don't like it hate endings like this it is why I always read the end of the book unless it is an author I know  LOL
I'm tearing up!! That is soo sad! I really LOVE this story, it is AMAZING even though the ending is sad! ❤️