My a serial killer (one direction fanfic)

Simple, sophisticated, smart, that's Jane. Lively, adorable and funny that's Niall, so what could these possible have in common, other than the fact that Jane is no.1 directioner? Well find out! In this story full of tragedy, drama and stalkers, funny thing is: It all started with a fortune teller...
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Omgggggg I love this, I\'ve already read all of it and I\'m addicted! Please post more!!!
Pizza obvs! I mean, I only know one person who doesn't like pizza! But then again, he doesn't like chocolate cake ether... Mysteriousity.... B)
@smartbookworm i dont think they do so yeah you do need to make a trip to come to america and go to the first taco bell you see and order a taco lol
@smartbookworm a taco...never *le crys* im sad now. lol you need one they are amazayn!!!
@smartbookworm OH! wow you guys should really invest in those ...they are SO awesome
hey how did you get your cover to be that good? (what did you use??) srry im new :)

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